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The Thermoform is an extremely effective and handy device for bending different types of synthetic materials such as Acryl (Plexiglas, Perspex), Policarbonates (Lexan, Makrolon) and PVC. The device is fitted with a low-voltage current heating element and a ring centred transformer. The wide working table enables precise and accurate positioning of your work piece. As the heating element is placed at the side of the working table, the bending of complicated shapes will be possible.


The Thermoform can be delivered in the following models:

Thermoform 400

Thermoform 580

Thermoform 1000


Bending mould (adjustable angle former)

After heating the synthetic material sheet it is necessary to cool in the requested angle. To make accurate angles the specially designed Bending mould 500 can be used. The appliance is provided with a protractor and offer a handy tool.

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